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LED LCD TV Repairing Training in Banda.

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LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Banda.

Advance Institute Provide LCD or LED TV Repair online / offline Training in Banda. A LCD or LED Smart TV Repair Training Course is the best way to get this knowledge, as it will allow you to learn in a structured and simple way. Our LCD or LED TV Repair Training is a series of lessions, taught by people who have expert knowledge of repairing LCD or LED Smart TV. Each lessions covers a major fault that LCD TV OR Plazma TV are likely to develop, showing you how to identify the problem and how to repair or replace the faulty parts. Our course is a simple and easy way to learn everything you need to about how LCD or LED Smart TV work and how to be able to repair them. Learn Step By Step How To Fix Your Own LCD OR LED TVS !
If you find yourself in need of some LCD OR LED TV repair, or want to learn more about it to perhaps start repairing LCD OR LED TV in Banda.

1.Working function of LCD or LED Smart TV Board
2.LCD or LED Plazma TV block diagram and Understand its section
3. Understand LCD or LED TV power on sequence of motherboard
4. How to trace LCD or LED TV schematic diagram
5. How to repair LCD or LED TV motherboard
6. How to find fault on LCD or LED TV boards
7. Understand working function of VRM section, and power regulator section
8. VRM switching fault finding
9. Understand enable signal, power good, feed back of regulator section
10. Finding shorting on boards
11. How to use ram slot tester and cpu slot tester
12. How to identify fault using debug card
13. How to find shorting through power supply unit
14. How to use CRO and Find fault through CRO
15. LCD/LED different section
16. Understand different signals below
17. How to edit bios
19. How to clean me region
20. Common problems due to me region corruption
21. BIOS Dump Configure, Edit, Repair & Intel ME Region Fixing
22. How to use BGA machine, temperature setting of BGA machine
23. How to reboll BGA chip
24. Case study collection of different LCD or LED TV problems with solution

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