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Mobile Repairing Training Institute in Bangalore

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Android Smartphone & Mobile Repairing Course in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Advance Institute begin a proper program for mobile repairing course in Bangalore which will enable you to become a successful a vocation in any side of India or the entire world. After the course, we give an international standard organization certificate of keen smartphone repairing. There are lots of issues that happen in various mobiles like low battery issues, infection issues, shutdown, turn up dead problems, restarting issues, show issues, overheating issues, shorting issues, keypad issues, etc. AILT Institute has been guaranteed to give the best and advanced quality-based training of chip level and card level repairing with advanced tools.

Join our high-level smartphone and mobile repairing institute in Bangalore. We offer ideal study material, 100% learner satisfaction, focus less on theory part gives more practical training, modern facilities for students, training on the latest devices, job placement, 100% online help & guidance, ISO certified certificate, interactive Classes, live motherboard learning for the best future of students in repairing field.
For those who like to elevate themselves and are strong willing to learn a technical thing, this course will be right for them. Any experienced or inexperienced who like to get prepared themselves for a quick career or begin a new business or want to move to other countries as a professional employee can learn this profession course.

Reason to become the member of Advance Mobile Repairing Institute.

  • Smartphone and mobile repair training is conducted by expert trainers.
  • Course starts with basics level with identification of various components and goes to the advanced level with fault finding and resolving it.
  • Practical or live project training with all repairing tools and machines.
  • Comprehensive and advanced syllabus with the latest scenario of smartphone or mobile's motherboard using the circuit diagram.
  • Free technical assistance and guidance support for lifetime.

Online Classes for Mobile Repair Training

Advance Institute also provides online training for mobile repair training through live video chats or calls. In our online class students get practical training covering all issue of smartphone repairing to our class and our experienced faculty provide live training, we cover all topic of mobile course and provide lifetime technical support.
Advance Mobile Repairing Institute has evolved a respected name to provide professional experts for over a decade. Our success story is calculated by the success rate of our students, students' job placement, or google rating of 4.8 consistently over the years. Advance Institute also gives online smartphone and mobile-phone repair training. An online smartphone repair training course is the best method to understand mobile technologies from anywhere. This online course will help you to understand smartphone or mobile repair courses in a Chapter wise, with video and slides. This course is developed by well-experienced technicians and faculty of the Advance institute who has a skillful understanding of repairing. Each lesson covers a major and minor fault and guides you on how to identify the various issue related to hardware or software problems and how to fix or replace the faulty parts. Our course is a straightforward and easy way to understand everything you require about how smartphones and mobile work and how to be able to fix them.

FAQs related to smartphone and mobile repair courses:

Question 1: Can I learn a smartphone and mobile repairing course online or offline?

Answer: Yes, we provide smartphone and mobile repair courses online or offline mode. In online mode, students get 2 hours of class through video calls or video chats.

Question 2: What is the duration of the mobile repairing course?

Answer: The duration of certificate courses ranges from a few weeks to 3 months. Course duration totally depends upon the students, if you take 2 hours class it takes 3 months. If you take 4 hours class then the course will be finished within 30 to 45 days. If you take full-day classes, it takes to finish 10 to 15 days.

Question 3: Is it advisable to do a mobile repairing course

Answer: Due to the increasing use and production of smartphones, the problems faced by them are also increasing. Hence, the demand for smartphone repairers has increased in the market. Considering the increasing demand, a mobile repairing course is a good option.

Question 6: What is the average salary after completing a mobile repairing course?

Answer: Salary depends on various factors such as education level, company, and even in which city you are working. However, the average monthly salary is INR 15,000-25,000 per month after completing the certificate course.

Basic Course:

  • Cell Phone repairing presentation
  • What is GSM and CDMA innovation?
  • What is essential Electronics?
  • insights About Charging, Voltage and Current Types
  • Distinguishing proof of fundamental Electronics Components and testing
  • Portable Hardware repairing?
  • Distinctive Mobile Section and Circuit Diagram
  • Repairing of GSM, CDMA and Chinese and so forth.
  • Evacuating and welding routine with regards to all versatile Jack and connector like SIM jack, charging jack, battery connector, show connector.
  • Versatile opening through code - nation bolt, SIM bolt, User bolt, screen design bolt of cell phone, and Chinese portable.
  • Repairing of all cell phone programming issue
  • Restart issue
  • Hanging issue
  • Portable on/off issue dead issue
  • All android application programming establishment preparing
  • IMEI repairing
  • Chinese portable programming Training
  • Security code opening practice

Chip Level Course:

Topics we covered in Advance Mobile Repairing in chip level class

Basic Electronics (Identification of components):
  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Coil
  • Diode
  • Transistor
  • Transformer
  • Speaker
  • Ringer
  • Mice
  • Vibrator
  • Crystal

Part of Mobile:
  • Charger $ Power bank
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Touch
  • Boddy
  • Keypad
  • Screen (Lcd/Led)
  • Pcb
  • Earphone
  • Camera

Chip Level Tracing:
  • Identification of Different ICs
  • Source and Destination
  • Versatile source goal code
  • Versatile PCB board following
  • Step by step instructions to peruse schematic chart
  • Discover all area of cell phone
  • Distinction between 2G 3G 4G innovation
  • Advanced mobile phone repairing with schematic chart.
  • Repairing of various chinees versatile
  • Most recent Android innovation
  • Windows Mobile telephone innovation
  • Differents sorts of issue in Mobile Phones
  • touch pad issue
  • Contact issue
  • System issue
  • Charging issue
  • Recognize auto charging
  • Sound issue
  • Vibrator issue
  • Boisterous speaker issue
  • Auto close down
  • Restart issue
  • Embed sim issue

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