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CCTV Camera Repairing Course in Chikkaballapur

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CCTV Camera Repairing Institute in Chikkaballapur.

Advance Institute of latest Technologies is one among the well famous or known institute offering CCTV Camera Repairing and Installation training course in Chikkaballapur more than ten years. In Advance Institute, training CCTV Camera is taught by well experienced faculties with both technical and field knowledge. With the help Advance institute more than 4500 Students had been successfully doing a reputed job in multinational companies or running their own business. We are feel very proud to tell that most of Student who completed CCTV Camera training from advance Institute was self employed and situated in many reputed organization. we also provide you Life Time Back up Support for CCTV Camera training course . We Provide fully practical and enhance training for CCTV Camera Training course in Chikkaballapur which gives the students the maximum experience with practical on various brands. Student can experience the industrial based technical training. Students are very much impressed upon the visual classes and Life time back up support through which students can get cleared their doubts while doing service, after completing the course. CCTV Camera Training also gives the students spare material purchase reference/ wholesale reference and guidelines towards Self Employment. .

Syllabus for CCTV Camera Installation Course

1. CCTV Introduction:-
What is Security Systems, What is Security Systems, How to Select a CCTV Camera, Peripherals available in the Security Systems, History of CCTV Cameras, CCTV Uses, Indore & Out door CCTV Systems, Measured Resolution ,Monitor & CCTV Resolution, CCTV Manufacturing Companies, CCTV Spare parts & Accessories, Basic Units & Lx

CCTV Installation Tools-Video Class, Cable Laying Tools-Video Class, Chip Level Servicing Tools-Video Class, Band Width Compression-Reference Video, Balance Tools to Explain into PPT Type

Explain Various Camera and its categories PPT Class, B&W Security Camera, Color Security Camera, Dome Security Camera, Outdoor Security Camera, Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ),Network IP Camera, Wireless Security Camera, Hidden Security Camera, C /CS Mount Cameras, Day & Night Camera, IR Camera, IR Dual Camera, Speed Dome Cameras. Zoom Cameras, Bullet Camera’s, Full Size Camera's, Fixed Size Camera’s, Camera Introduction-Video Class, 2 Reference about CCTV Camera –Video

Explain Various Types of Latest Cameras, Spy Camera, Under Water Camera, Remote Joysticks, Digital, Mini USB Camera, Clock Camera,Mico CMOS Camera, Mini DV Camera,HD Recorder & Etc What is Dynamic Range of CCTV-Reference Video Class, How to Install Spy & Hidden Camera-2 Ref. Video Class & PPT Class

What is CCTV Camera Lens, Lens Types Manual Iris Lens ,Auto iris lens, ZOOM lens,Machine Vision Mega Pixel Lens, Sigma lens, Camera digital lens, Pinhole Lens, Optical, Lens, Monofocal Lens. C or CS Mount Lens, Video Drive Lens, Direct drive lenses, Focal Length, Depth of Field, Formula of Lens Calculation, Various Lens Difference Explanation by Pictures, Resolution explanation, D1,CIF,QCIF Pictures, Lens Related Glossary, Lens Explanation 2 Reference Videos,

What is Lighting, Lighting Concepts, Sources of Lights, What is Color, Infrared and its Explanation, Color and Monochrome, Light & Surface, Reflections Concepts & Its Types, Illumination Concepts & Measurements, Lighting, Illumination 2 Reference Videos, Depth of Fields, Field of View 2 Reference Videos,

Various Voltages Need for Cameras Like 12,24,12v AC, Types of Power Supply Like, Individual Plug in Transformers, Power Over Ethernet, Relay Model, Timer Model, Rack mount Model, Power supply Liberator & Etc. Camera Power Supplies, Half Wave,Fullwave,Fullwave, Bridge Rectifier Explanation –Video Class, Stand Alone Adapter Working Func

What is CCTV Monitors & Its Advantages, Difference Between CCTV Monitor & Commercial Monitor, Pixels Explanation, NTSC & PAL Standard, Monitor, Resolution, Types of Monitor (B&W,Color) , Various Size of the Monitors, Frame Rate ,Resolution, Display 3 Reference Video

What is Transmission Media/Guided Media, Band width Comparison, Types of Transmission Media like Open Wire, Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Adapters Explanation, RCA /DIN /HDMI /RG6,RG11,RG58,RG59 Coax Cables, Wireless Transmitter & Receiver, Various Types of Wireless Channels Transmitter/Receiver, How to set the BNC with Coaxial Cable, Connector –Video Class, How to check the Connected Cables, using Multi meter –Video Class, Bulk Low Voltage Cable-Videos,

Switcher Assembled Concepts, Advantage, Disadvantage, Switcher Readymade Concepts, Quad Splitter Concepts, Types:-B&W, Color, VGA, Times Laps VCR,DVR Stand Alone Types-VGA, HDMI Model, Multiplexer Concepts, Camera Connectivity Method, Single Camera Connection by Video Class, 4 Channel Quad –Ref. Videos, Mini Quad Color –Ref. Videos

11. and all other chip level training in CCTV Camera


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