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CCTV Camera Repairing Course in Srikakulam

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CCTV Camera Repairing Institute in Srikakulam.

The Smart CCTV Camera Chip level Repairing and Installation course in Srikakulam offers Students to get potential job in the well salary package. With the beneficial of career protection offered in the smart CCTV Camera repairing Training with India's Best institute in Srikakulam, Every Student in Advance Institute find the CCTV Camera Installation And Repairing Course more reliable and become an expert in this or secure their professional career. Students learn repairing the advanced CCTV Camera models advanced tools or machine. we provides you to cover the whole repair models. The students learn the essential tips and tricks that help them in finding the Smart CCTV Camera issues quickly and perform their repair.

Syllabus for Chip level and Installation Training For CCTV Camera.

What is CCTV System, What is CCD Cameral, Types of CCD Camera,

PCB, Componetns of Camera
Types of PCB, Components of PCB, Power Socket in PCB, Pole Cahnge in PCB, PCB Technology, PCB Make, CCD Description, Function of CCD , Size / Dimension of CCD, CMOS PCB , DIS PCB , CCD based PCB , AHD PCB ,

Components of a Camera, Types of Body, Types of Housing, Assembling Tools , Assembling:Dome Camera, Assembling:IR Camera, Assembling: Audio Cam., Two way Camera, Zoom  Camera, PTZ Camera, Wire Less Camera, Stand Alone Camera, Audio Unit

Basic Connection , Mic / Speaker Connection , LED PCB Connection, Pole Change in LED PCB, RS 485 in Zoom Camera, ID in PTZ Camera,

How to purchage camera, What is TVL / Mega Pixel, Resolution, Signal Conversion Theory,

Types of Lenses, Brand of Lenses, Auto Iris Lens, Board Lens, Fixed Lens, Variable Lens, C Mount Lens, Optical Lens, Motorised Lens,

Types of Power Supply, Load Calculation, Current and Voltage, Check Ampere, Check Pole, Ampere Loss, Rating of AC power, Rating of DC power,

What is Cable / Wire, Types of Cable, Quality in Cable, Gauge in Cable, Role Size of Cable, Use of Different Cables, Application of Cable, Loss due to cables,

Types of Switchers, One Way / Two way, Matrix Switchers, Quad Processor, Five Pin Connectors, Combine DVR, Switcher, 2 way Communication, 1 way Communication,

Types of DVR / NVR , DVR Structure , Components of DVR , DVR Front / Rear Panel, DVR Connections , DVR Audio Connection , Hard Disc Installation , Output to TV/LCD/ Monitor , Output to Computer , DVR Operation / Setting, DVR Motion Sensor, Frame rate of DVR, DVR Configuration, DVR Playback, DVR Backup, Date and Time Setting, Colour setting, Password / Account Set, HDD Installation, HDD Formating, Manual Recording, Fault in DVR, DVR Client Training, DVR USB Back up ,

Hardware Troubleshooting , Software Troubleshooting  , Video Loss, Ampere Loss, No Recording, No Video, No Audio, No Video in night, Other Problems,


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