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Laptop Repairing Institute in Kerala.

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Laptop Repairing Course in Kerala

Are you looking for Advanced professional Laptop Chip level and Card level repairing course in Kerala to learn how to repair the Smart and latest laptops and Desktops? No matter which field you are belonging, we offer the basic to advanced training in latest technology of laptop and Desktop devices. Our training programs are beneficial for the job seekers. People of all age groups can get the benefit of learning at laptop and Desktop repairing institute in Kerala so if you want to become thesmart laptop, computerand tablet pc engineer, contact us today. The professional course includes assembly and disassembly of laptops and Desktops parts, software installation, format and installation of operating system, RAM and Hard Disk repair, touch screen, microphone, speaker repair. With the help of block diagrams the students understand the working way of CPU. The brief knowledge of laptops and Desktops is provided that includes learning laptops and Desktops circuits, logic gates, processor, diodes and use of voltage and current measuring device, micro chips and BGA machines etc on live motherboard of latest laptops and desktop.


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