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Mobile Repairing Institute in Kolar.

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Smart Phone Mobile Repairing Course in Kolar, Karnataka.

Advance Institute has well experienced and qualifield faculty for giving best and enhance training of Smart Mobile Repairing Course in Kolar. As a mobile repair training expert we have all essential tools which are required in advanced training of smart mobile phone repair course like smd rework station, Bga Machine, dc machine, cooling paste, twizers, soldering & desoldiring wire, flux and IP, digital and analog multimeter and much more. at Kolar , we are known for our best and pracical base training. we trained more than 200+ students per year for mobile repair and more than 1500+ Passed students from our Institute , now are working job in reputed service centre or doing their own business, we also provide life time back up and business support to all students who have compelte the training from our Institute.
We are the best mobile repairing institute in Kolar and provide latest tools and technologies to our students in Lab for chip level mobile motherboard repairing. Students get training for Mobile card level Repairing Course also with experienced engineers. we also started Fast Track course which is completed within 30-45 days.

Our Course sections:

  • Section 1. Intro to mobile phones, Ages of mobile phones, FHSS networks, GSM, Spread spectrum, CDMA, TDMA & Fundamental sciences elements.
  • Section 2. Mobile phones Specific working systems, Mobile Phones features & applications, the practical principle of mobile Phones & Parts used in Mobile Phones.
  • Section 3. Accessories & tools practiced for servicing & maintenance of portable handsets, kinds of power supply & batteries, boosting a battery, Troubleshooting basics.
  • Section 4. Network difficulties, Power failure (dead), Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (water damage, hanging, charging & keypad problems), Handsets assembly& disassembly, Soldering & desoldering &SMD rework station.
  • Section 5. BGA IC’s, Basics of Computer, Installation of software, Flashing, PC based diagnostic tools, mobile sets formatting, used of secret codes.
  • Section 6. Free software, Data cable, Card reader, Mobile display, Remove/replace Component & Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (Troubleshooting through circuit diagram, transmission, transmitter filter, microphone, reception, Antenna, RF power amplifier, local oscillator, Audio IC, speaker, charger etc. ).
  • Section 7. Reading & writing skills, Communication skills, Time management skills, Team skills, Safety & Security.


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