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LED LCD TV Repairing Institute in Lakhisarai.

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LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Lakhisarai.

Advance Institute is a well-known training center in Repair market of Lakhisarai and provides an advanced programme for LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Lakhisarai and trained their students with the new resolution of technical problems related to different LCD or LED TV. Advance has well-equipped lab and Machines to save time along with money. Our expert trainers are well qualified and experienced to handle almost technical problems of students related to various LCD or LED TV Repairing and Installation. we teach all major problem to occur in various TV like a vertical/ horizontal line, dark screen, vertical block, whitening, blurred screen etc. Advance Institute is the best Training Institute of LCD or LED TV Repairing Institute in Lakhisarai.

Various Course Duration:

1. Fast Track Course: 15-30 Days (Taking 6 hours class Daily)
2. Crash Course: 30-45 Days (Taking 4 Hours Class Daily)
3. Regular Course: 2-3 Months (Taking 2 Hours Class Daily)
4. Online Class: 20-25 Days (Students who are not able to come here, can attend our online classes through live videos.)

Online LCD LED TVs Repair Course:

We have provided an online course through live video chats with our expert professional. Advance Institute has offered excellent possibilities to their students for connecting with the technical world through us. If you desire of becoming the most flourishing expert in Lcd Led Smart Tv repairing, then you must not think twice before entering in our most advanced courses through the regular or online course.

Begin Your Own Corporation:

Make some extra money by starting your own LCD LED Smart TVs repair business. A lot of people think you cannot repair an LCD LED Smart TVs and the reality is many things are quite easy to fix you just need the proper LED LCD TV repair course.

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LED LCD TV Repairing Course in Lakhisarai.
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