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Laptop Repairing Institute in Bathinda.

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Chip Level Repairing Training of Laptops

Computer & Laptop Repairing Course in Bathinda, Punjab

To Join Advance Institute of Latest Technologies for Laptop Repairing Course in Bathinda and learn how to fix your very own laptop computer with this electronic learning packed with 48 video lessons available on the web.
Learn how to fix notebooks with this comprehensive electronic learning over 45 Hours of High excellent Training! - After finishing this class you'll be able to! Do a complete teardown on your notebook. Take the case aside to find access to any part and place it all back together. Replace your power jack. One of several reasons your laptop has trouble running on outlet power and charging the battery. Remove and replace your motherboard. Clean and use your computer after you have spilled water, coffee, or soft drink on it.
If it's not going to turn on, only work with the socket, randomly crashes and shuts down, gets blue screen errors, it's too noisy, cannot connect to wi-fi. Regardless of your problem, you can fix it, and we will show you how it works in our Laptop Repair Training Institute in Bathinda.

Online Course Process.

Start Your Own Business - do some extra cash by starting your very own laptop computer repair business. Many people think you can't repair a laptop computer and your reality is many things are rather easy to fix you simply need the proper laptop computer repair course. Diagnostics - This class will show you how to rapidly find the root of the problem that's causing specific symptoms. Discover where to start and which components to substitute.
Start your Computer and Laptop - Get Repair training today! - Over 45 Hours of Top excellent Training - 48 videos available into a convenient online format - Support - FREE Shipping - After you sign up we'll e-mail you currently the code to enter in the website and you'll have full access to the entire class online to study from the anyplace step-by-step.

Course Duration:

  • Regular Session : 90 Days
  • Crash Session : 30-45 Days
  • Fast Track Session : 10-15 Days
  • Weekend Session : 5 Saturday and Sunday
  • Online Class : 90 Days


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