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Mobile Chip Level and Card Level Repairing Course in Bangalore

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Smart Mobile Phones Chip Level Repairing Training:

In the world, there is a large demand for smart phone specialists, but the reality is that there aren't many who have experience and expertise in repairing smart mobile phones. adding to this view Advance Institute start an advance course of smart phone repairing in Bangalore which will help you find a job in any corner of India or whole world because after the course, we provide an International Standard Organisation Certificate of smart mobile phone repairing.
there are lots of problems that occurs in mobile phones like: low battery problems, virus problem, shutdown, turn up dead Problem, restarting problem, display problem, overheating problem, shorting problem, keypad problem and so on.
these factors and a few more can make the smart phones more vulnerable to degradation and thus decrease the efficiency. so, it is necessary that you take up a advance course training of smart mobiles in Bangalore and help individuals wade away common problems of a various mobiles with ease. Advance Institute has been assured to provided best and advanced quality training to their students of chip level and card level repairing with software and hardware module.

Mobile Repairing Basic Course:

  • Mobile Phone repairing introduction
  • What is GSM and CDMA technology?
  • What is basic Electronics?
  • details About Charging, Voltage and Current Types
  • Identification of basic Electronics Components and testing
  • Mobile Hardware repairing?
  • Different Mobile Section and Circuit Diagram
  • Repairing of GSM, CDMA and Chinese etc.
  • Removing and soldering practice of all mobile Jack and connector like SIM jack, charging jack, battery connector, display connector.
  • Mobile unlocking through code - country lock, SIM lock, User lock, screen pattern lock of smartphone, and Chinese mobile.
  • Repairing of all mobile phone software problem
  • Restart problem
  • Hanging problem
  • Mobile on/off problem dead problem
  • All android application software installation training
  • IMEI repairing
  • Chinese mobile software Training
  • Security code unlocking practice

Advance Mobile Chip Level Course:

Topics we covered in Advance Mobile Repairing Course in chip level class

Basic Electronics (Identification of components):
  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Coil
  • Diode
  • Transistor
  • Transformer
  • Speaker
  • Ringer
  • Mice
  • Vibrator
  • Crystal

Part of Mobile:
  • Charger $ Power bank
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Touch
  • Boddy
  • Keypad
  • Screen (Lcd/Led)
  • Pcb
  • Earphone
  • Camera

Chip Level Tracing:
  • Identification of Different ICs
  • Source and Destination
  • Mobile source destination code
  • Mobile PCB board tracing
  • How to read schematic diagram
  • Find all section of smartphone
  • Difference between 2G 3G 4G technology
  • Smart phone repairing with schematic diagram.
  • Repairing of different chinees mobile
  • Latest Android technology
  • Windows Mobile phone technology
  • Differents types of problem in Mobile Phones
  • Display problem
  • Touch problem
  • Network problem
  • Charging problem
  • Detect auto charging
  • Sound problem
  • Vibrator problem
  • Loud speaker problem
  • Auto shut down
  • Restart problem
  • Insert sim problem

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