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Advance LCD or LED TV Repairing TrainingInstitute in Malappuram

best LCD or LED TV repairing training centre in Malappuram

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Smart LCD or LED TV Repairing and Bios Installation Course in Malappuram

The professional course of Smart Lcd or LED TV Repairing and Installation in Malappuram enables you to identify the problems in the different LCD or LED TV models like plazma, croma, LG, etc and repair them by own with the replacement or repair of damaged parts. Our Advanced LCD or LED TV course empowers your knowledge strength in the LCD or LED TV repair and Bios Installation Programe increase your potential income. The best LCD or LED TV repairing institute in Malappuram conducts the short time professional LCD or LED TV repair and Installation courses that include the various modules. By completing these courses, you can learn extensive LCD or LED TV repair at the chip level LCD or LED TV institute in Malappuram.
1. Students Learn Basic electronics to advanced Electronic Repairing like AC, DC, transformer, diode, inductor and multimeter uses
2. Students know about the fix and Diagnosing the prolems of damaged parts and replace them and add new equipments
3. Motherboard repair and replacement

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